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Troy's Results from Working with Irene

Working with Irene made all the difference in making a positive change within myself and my career—I gained new clarity, perfect fit with my job, greater confidence, and a doubled salary.

  • Matching Talents with the Job

    When I first made the decision to find a coach, I needed clarification more than anything. I wasn't looking for a new job, necessarily, but a sense of fulfillment in what I was currently doing. I was feeling like my talents did not match up with my current job anymore and there were many skills that I felt were going unused. Right away, Irene was able to help me put words to my frustration as well as my desire to grow professionally.

  • The Power of Archetypes of Calling

    I am most impressed with Irene's ability to really listen and find threads and themes in my answers and bring them to my attention in a positive, supportive way. The Archetypes of Calling in particular made me realize what skills and natural capacities I bring to my job and effective strategies for expanding my responsibility so my talents are utilized.

  • Positive Change, Inside and Out

    I didn't expect to change jobs, but in fact I did within the same industry. And because I was clearer about what I wanted, I landed a job that fit my background perfectly and that paid more than twice my previous salary. Irene is a confidence builder and someone who respects the process I was going through, and that made all the difference in making a positive change within myself and my career.

—Troy Bond, General Manager—retail foods, Austin, Texas

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