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  To get the most out of discovering your Life/Work Motivators, I encourage you to take a few moments and see how you would respond to the following set of prompts. Feel free to make some notes.

Assuming your basic needs were met, if you didn’t have a set agenda
   -  what would your mind be on?
what kind of information would you seek out?
what would you have energy for? where would you go? (near? far?) and why?
what would you put energy into, even if you didn’t need to?
what would capture your interest?

This is to get you thinking about your own patterns of typical behavior.

The next step will be to go through the abbreviated Life/Work Motivators questionnaire. You will be working with the Motivators in these stages:

 1.  Go through the descriptions of 15 LWMs and decide how strongly they show up in your life.
2.  Decide which of them for you are the strongest 2 and weakest 1 of these 15 LWMs.
3.  Discover what the key word is for each LWM.
4.  Review key words for all 15 LWMs and after seeing all 15 (descriptions and key words), decide whether you would change any of your choices, and, if so, what the changes would be.

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