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The following is a questionnaire in two parts.

Part 1

Please respond to all items below. Each item is a description of a Life/Work Motivator. For each one, select the option between “does not apply” and “strongly applies” that seems most appropriate for you. Be sure to respond on the basis of what is really typical and true for you, not what you might want to be true for you or what “should” be true for you. The following 15 are among the 75 items on the full Life/Work Motivators questionnaire.
  As I consider my life experience, I recognize that I am naturally motivated to: 
1    2    3     4      5
Does not apply  -  Applies  -  Applies strongly
1.  Set things or ideas in order  
6.  Put things or ideas together in new ways  
9.  Set right, cause to function well again, make better, raise the level of quality  
17.  State things in more understandable ways  
19.  Look at closely / size things up / get to the root cause  
24.  Take in (notice) all features large and small  
30.  Create harmony / interact with others, placing high value on preserving harmony  
33.  Chart a course for others (in view of multiple considerations)  
37.  Help another do or improve something  
48.  Create comfort or ease of interaction for others  
53.  Find what's (out) there  
55.  Develop a unique style of doing or being  
66.  Imagine what isn't (yet) and could be  
70.  Get things started / take action on an idea  
73.  Go after new experience / gather experiences of different places / ensure mobility  
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