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Comments & Endorsements

  These comments represent the reactions of a diverse group of participants, including career development professionals in various settings, community college students, people in career transition, employees seeking to increase their job satisfaction, hiring consultants, self-employed, therapists, academic administrators, teachers and other professionals in a wide range of fields.

Endorsements – Changing Woes to “Wow!”s

I couldn’t imagine doing it better! Irene’s coaching provided a structure to claim my strengths, identify hidden ones and examine patterns that were not serving me well.
» Dan’s endorsement

Regarding “On the Verge—Incubating Your Next Big Thing”, I thought this session was excellent. … It was as if each activity used a different part of my brain, and I didn’t get fatigued.
» Penni’s endorsement

Irene! Thank you so much. You have changed my life! My time with you has been precious and I have learned so much about myself through our work together.
» Mary’s endorsement

While I have met several other mentors and teachers that have been instrumental in getting me where I am today, I can honestly say that this journey started with Irene.
» Donna’s endorsement

How my coaching relationship with Irene helped me create the life I want: Using inner transformation to create external change.
» Maureen’s endorsement

“The Archetypes of Calling in particular made me realize what skills and natural capacities I bring to my job and effective strategies for expanding my responsibility so my talents are utilized...”
» Troy’s endorsement

For anyone willing to work to learn more about themselves and their internal drivers, working with Irene is well worth your time and investment.
» N.J.'s endorsement

Comments on Archetypes of Calling Model (Life/Work Motivators)

“I find this more useful and engaging than the Myers-Briggs.”

“I can’t tell you how often I’ve made use of this information about myself.”

“This made me aware of the fact that my previous employment experience has been completely out of kilter with my true self. I don’t intend to let this pattern continue!”

“I can see how this would lead to more stability in my career.”

“Knowing my Life/Work Motivators allows me to see why it really makes sense for me to pursue the work alternative I was thinking I might choose . . .Such an affirmation!”

“Can apply this in understanding how to prioritize my work better to gain more job satisfaction. Could apply to conflict resolution.”

“… offers good handles”

“Knowing the motivators explains what I do and how I do it. It will help me in identifying my second career after retirement.”

“This describes me in a way that is more useful than any other inventory I’ve taken.”

“As a result, I have changed the focus of my major.”

“This responds to a real need among people, viewed from where we are in our society today.”

“Going through this is a revelation about who I am at the deepest spiritual level.”

“Where this is heading is exciting. It has such an ease and efficient feel.”

“The Life/Work Motivators tool is a fascinating, honoring addition to the field.”

“Very cool approach.”

“A monumental development!”

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