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“You give birth to that on which you fix your mind.”
—Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

“In order to jump over the fence you must throw your heart over first.”
—Steeple chase rider

“Only meaning motivates.”
—Margaret Wheatley

To learn how you can go through the full version of the questionnaire, please contact me at imcoach@irenemyers.com or call (206) 340-1914. Mailing address is:

Irene M. Myers
Career & Life Design
P.O. Box 30858, Seattle, WA 98113

For further insight into your results from this session or the complete version, you may schedule a phone consultation available at a reasonable rate.

Applications for Life/Work Motivators

The Life/Work Motivators process can be used as a tool in a variety of settings that include:

 •  career counseling with students, job seekers and career transitioners
•  organizational settings—for purposes of hiring, team-building, staff development and conflict resolution
•  life planning, coaching, and counseling with people wanting to enhance their quality-of-life and create a larger vision for their whole lives, including retirement

You may want to refer co-workers and other decision-makers to this site. I am also available to travel to your location to provide training if you are interested in gathering together a workshop-sized group.

For information about my practice, please to to About. For information on workshops, please go to Life-With-A-View.  
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