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Penni’s Results from Working with Irene

Regarding “On the Verge—Incubating Your Next Big Thing”, I thought this session was excellent. You transitioned seamlessly between activities. It was as if each activity used a different part of my brain, and I didn’t get fatigued.

  • We went from one activity to another. Each seemed to build on the previous one and each was “mind-blowing” in its ability to evoke such an internal response that was so resonant. I have been able to identify that which has been right in front of me, part of me, all along, continuously. Each activity was inspiring as was the whole workshop. At the end I had a take home—ways to name this essence that I “be” and bring to life. And your lovely poem “Advice from a Sequoia” with your invitation to similarly pick something in nature that resonates with us and write what we imagine could be advice to us from that element of the natural world.


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