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WHO'S CALLING? -- Patterns, Threads and Everyday Miracles

Now more than ever, whatever is really most important to you asks you to prove it has that place in your life. Storms will come and go. But the world will always need you to bring forth your gifts. Everyone has a calling, not just those whose names appear on marquees and billboards. There are patterns in your giftedness that show up in your everyday life. Clues abound, waiting for notice. Often we respect the excuses more than we respect who we really are.
     This session will provide the necessary inspiration--internal and external--to live more in possibility and nurture the dream of a life more in alignment with your gifts, whether you are starting your career, in mid-stream or moving into retirement. The session incorporates a sample of the Archetypes of Calling process.

WHO'S CALLING? -- Discover your Archetypes of Calling and Energize Your Life

"Our time in the world is orchestrated by something deeper and bigger than we might first comprehend."
     Our giftedness is a clue for what is at work. If there is a "master plan" for our lives it sits to one side of our anxiety about it. Inside.
     There is a Chinese proverb that goes, "The beginning of wisdom is the proper naming of things." What are the dominant patterns that drive you? The Weaver? The Decoder? The Improver? The Shepherd?, etc. Having named your primary drivers, your understanding of calling can be transformed: Following your calling is a matter of exercising your primary drivers. When you consciously look for opportunities to operate as The Weaver, The Decoder, etc., whichever Archetypes of Calling are your strongest drivers, you are responding to your calling.
     In this session participants will go through the steps to identify their strongest and weakest archetypes of calling and begin to work with them for positive change in their lives. Some things you will take away:

  • Gain more sense of purpose and meaning--when you are operating from your giftedness, your work and life energize you rather than drain you.
  • See more clearly how the patterns of your life weave together.
  • Through the lens of your primary archetypes of calling you can begin to recognize opportunities of all kinds that fit who you are.


One of the workshops I offer periodically is called "Into the Clearing". I love offering this session because it calls on different types of knowing we have for getting to "aha"--ways of accessing wisdom about the current crossroads by looking through new lenses.
     Are you asking yourself about the place of work in your life or the roles that might be calling you? The soul speaks with a rhythm that doesn't yield to mainstream demands. This session offers imaginative ways to get clear about your most-longed-for next destination--lifestyle, work, home, spirit, gift, lifestage, etc. It provides a non-analytical means to gain "aha's" about the current questions surrounding these desires.
     We will invite and engage your natural creative process, read and write poetry, ask and answer compelling questions and encourage lots of ways of knowing on your way "into the clearing." Our process includes a visit to a local art gallery. Come with a spirit of openness, adventure and curiosity.  
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