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Maureen's Results from Working with Irene

How my coaching relationship with Irene helped me create the life I want: Using inner transformation to create external change.

  • Deepened Life Vision

    I used to describe myself by my job title. Now I describe myself by the work I am called to do in the world. I discovered that I am a builder, connecter, lover; I am an educator for social change. Now, rather than looking for a single perfect job, I look for places and people that embody the qualities that are essential to who I am, because when I am operating from that place, I am at my best.

  • New Clarity

    When I started the coaching relationship, I longed for more creativity in my life, connection with others, and job satisfaction. Now, with the help of this process, the way I approach everything—potential jobs, friendships, time, and commitments—has changed. I spend less time agonizing about the small stuff because I am clear about what matters most: finding what will bring more love into my life and into the world. This clarity allows me to make choices in every arena with more confidence and freedom.

  • A Whole New Life

    When I started working with my life coach, my specific focus was on getting a new job, any job, as quickly as possible. Over time that focus expanded to creating a whole new life that is more authentic and joyful.

  • Radically New Orientation

    Seeing my future life as a possibility to explore rather than a problem to solve has been one of the greatest changes I have experienced in working with Irene. I have named my Archetypes of Calling, clarified what is going to "do it for me," and built trust in my own process. As a result, I now have a radically new orientation to myself and to the world, which has allowed me, finally, to honor my deep longing to be my true self. I have discovered a path that requires trusting my heart, choosing love, and following my curiosity to see where it leads.

  • Achieved Big Goals

    Learning to operate more often from a place of love, openness, and curiosity has forced me to give up the illusion that I am in control. When I act on what I know is true, rather than from a place of fear, what I long for comes into being more easily. I have realized a number of big goals as a result of building and strengthening my internal foundation.

  • Successes

    Some outward manifestations of my internal transformation include: new professional opportunities to lead social justice work I care about, including creating a campus-wide financial education program for students, and working with a team of colleagues to develop cultural competency training for all employees; joining a team for service work in post-Katrina New Orleans; traveling to my home state of Montana to interview my 89 year old aunt about our family history; legally marrying my partner of 26 years in the way we chose (not the way we "should") and setting off on a three week honeymoon adventure to Peru!

  • Wide Open to True Possibility

    Through the process of coaching, I have moved from feeling miserable at work to seeing my current job as a vehicle to take me where I need to go. I know I can use my strengths and passion in many ways; now I can see so many possibilities. There is not one perfect job but a lifetime of work that rises from my true center, radiates love, and results in joyful, authentic service to others and the world.

—Maureen Shadair

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